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For more than 50 years, the Prix Galien USA have been rewarding the best innovations in pharmaceuticals, medtechs and biotechs. Regarded as the equivalent to the Nobel prize for the pharmaceutical industry, the Prix Galien honors unique solutions and individuals who have influenced healthcare in 6 categories: Biotech, Pharma, Medtech, Digital Health, Incubators and Startups.
Among the different categories, the Prix Galien Startup rewards innovators from the American and French ecosystems who developed innovative scientific and therapeutics projects. Previously called Prix Galien Medstartup, it is the result of nearly 10 years of cooperation between the Galien Foundation and Business France. It takes place during the Galien Forum and has 3 core goals:
• Strengthen commercial partnerships bridging the traditional silos between government, industry, and academia.
• Support French and American innovators.
• Promote cross-border trade, jobs, and economic growth.
To be eligible for the Prix Galien Startup, 3 main criteria must be met:

  1. Demonstrate an innovative product with a social impact
  2. Generate more than 500K€ revenue/year OR have raised more than 500K€ in fundings
  3. Generate less than 10M€ revenue/year, (funds raised can be over 10M€)
    Companies can submit their application in 3 sub-categories:
    • Biotech/Pharma
    • Medtech
    • Digital Health
    The winners will be announced during the Galien Week of Innovation, on October 26th, 2023. The laureates will have the honor to receive their award during the Gala at the National History Museum. On the same day, they will also meet major Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medtech companies, insurances, patient associations, as well as investors to discuss new partnerships opportunities. The startups will also be able to attend conferences, webinars, and panels with influent healthcare leaders.


  • 10th edition
  • 130+ collaboration projects signed so far
  • > $500M raised funds since the first edition in 2013
  • >300 alumni

Among the former participants:

Prix Galien USA 2022 – Aftermovie:


Julien Vermersch

Healthcare Trade Advisor United States (New York)

[email protected]

Roxane Valfort

Healthcare Trade Advisor United States (Boston)

[email protected]

Pierre Renard

Health Project Manager – France (Paris)

[email protected]

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