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The Fondation Hopale, the ideal destination for musculoskeletal disorders

The Fondation Hopale, the ideal destination for musculoskeletal disorders.

Every year the 15 establishments that make up the Fondation Hopale take in more and more patients from every corner of the globe.

25 Oct 2022

Although officially established in 1997, the Fondation Hopale has in reality over 100 years experience, given that the first of its centers, the Institut Calot, was created by orthopedic surgeon Dr. François Calot in 1900. Moreover, the head office of the Fondation still exists, in Berck-sur-Mer.

The health operator is now keen to expand internationally, as such expansion would offer exponential growth prospects of around 30% a year. 

Just two hours north of Paris, it currently employs 2,500 hyper-specialized professionals.

“Our major strength is our expertise in osteo-articular pathologies and musculoskeletal disorders. We are focusing our efforts on those things that we are very good at and that we do all the time. From physicians to physiotherapists to nurses, everybody is very familiar with the procedures, from surgery to rehabilitation,” Adrien Molin, International Co-ordinator of the Fondation Hopale.

The Fondation Hopale offers an integrated and multidisciplinary care pathway. Everything is done under the same roof. “This is clearly beneficial for the patient as everything exists on site, thus ensuring comprehensive treatment,” Adrien Molin said.

The care pathway for foreign patients is managed from A to Z by the co-ordinator, who receives and pre-screens applications, and carries out all the procedures ahead of the treatment (meetings, remote consultations, logistics,…). The co-ordinator also seeks the advice of the physicians and together they work on devising the final treatment protocol. 

The Fondation Hopale has a historical reputation in the field of orthopedic surgery. It regularly ranks as one of the best operators in these specialties in France. It also has a center of expertise dedicated to spinal neurosurgery, under the direction of Professor Richard Assaker. Pediatric orthopedics is, for its part, managed by another leading specialist, who is highly respected by his peers, Dr. Christian Morin.

“Rehabilitation is also one of our major areas of international development, as it is not offered in most foreign countries,” he said.

The Jacques Calvé rehabilitation center is the crown jewel of the group in this field, it is supported by 6,400 m² of technical facilities, which makes it the second largest rehabilitation center in France. It is fitted with the latest technologies and state-of-the-art equipment. There are around twenty professions represented (neuropsychologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, adaptive sports teachers,…). Hopale’s approach can be summed up in three words – re-education, rehabilitation and reintegration. After an accident such as a stroke, the patient’s environment needs to be adjusted, but the patient also needs to be reintegrated, helped to retake their driver’s license given their disability for example, or provided with the help of a social worker. All services that are provided by the hospital group and its partners.

International patients are referred by medical concierge services, medical assistance companies, insurance companies or other hospitals. The majority of expatriate patients are from Africa and the Middle East, but there are also patients from the United Kingdom (where 6.8 million people are waiting for an operation).

The Fondation Hopale’s international development also focuses on deploying its expertise to train foreign health professionals.

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