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Health & Tech Summit 2023

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Digital technology is a major lever for structurally modifying the organization of healthcare services to improve their overall quality. The use of data and artificial intelligence (AI), at the heart of this year’s news, are a good illustration of this and will be the main focus of the Health & Tech Summit 2023. While these technologies are in full development and at the center of all discussions on the future of care, it’s time to take the time to analyze, and see what really works for patients, caregivers, and public health.
Many use cases exist to date, in hospital departments or within research teams, but what are the best use cases for AI and Data in healthcare? And what can these use cases teach us? All these questions will be addressed on December 13, 2023 at the Health & Tech Summit, bringing together all French and international stakeholders to reflect on the promises and real potential of integrating AI and data tools in the healthcare sector.

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