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French oncology: setting the standard internationally

17 Jun 2021

France is recognized the world over for its excellence in oncology, the top-quality of its infrastructures using cutting-edge technologies, its longstanding expertise in care, patient management (prevention, diagnosis and treatment) and research, as well as for its global approach to oncology, offering industrial, technical and scientific expertise.

France stands out around the world, thanks to its effective and innovative healthcare solutions to fight cancer, covering a vast spectrum of activities, whether in medicine, pharma and biotechnology, medtech and digital health, spearheading French startups in the health sector.

It has one of the best cancer cure rates and is positioned as a leader in cancer research with more than 130 research projects and 13 Nobel prizes in medicine. Oncology is the leading therapeutic area of the French HealthTech industry.

Discover the French expertise and innovative solutions in the field of oncological treatment in our webinar “Re-inventing oncology through French Healthcare excellence” with brilliant speakers:


Giulia Petrarulo, Project Manager at Unicancer


Dr. Pierre Anhoury, Director of International Relations at the Institut Curie

Prof. Jean-Yves Blay, President of Unicancer (French Federation of Cancer Centers)

Serge Bonnetier, Director of International Development at Hopital Foch

Prof. Nikos Paragios, CEO of TheraPanacea

Nicolas Reymond, CEO of Intrasense

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