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MEDICA 2021 - Websession Recordings

MEDICA 2021 - Websession Recordings

15 Dec 2021

Medica 2021 – French breakthroughs in artificial intelligence in medical imaging

Ludovic Dome, Intrasense : We design solutions for advanced visualization and universal 3D post-processing, to accelerate and optimize medical image interpretation. We aim to provide all our partners and health professionals with the best visualization solutions tailored to their projects. Thanks to Myrian® unique and innovative features, Intrasense plays a key role for its partners in supporting them in various fields such as biomarker development, artificial intelligence (AI), deep-leaning, etc.

Liza Alem, AZmed : Medical images have doubled in 10 years whereas the number of doctors has stagnated over the same period. As a consequence, radiologists struggle to keep pace, which increases the risk of medical errors. To help doctors improve their workload as well as patient care, AZmed developed Rayvolve, a computer-aided diagnosis tool able to detect all types of fractures on standard x-rays.

Milvue : Milvuewas founded to enable physicians to participate in the AI-driven revolution. Artificial Intelligence is the future of medicine. Tomorrow’s physicians will have access to a suite of artificial intelligence tools, integrated into their work environment, to optimize patient care by enabling predictive and personalized medicine. Milvue has successfully brought deep learning algorithms into the daily medical workflow. In 2020, they launched the Milvue Suite with its first module, SmartUrgences, a certified medical device, comprehensive, efficient and transparent, and fully dedicated to facilitate triage and diagnosis on emergency X-rays. MilvueSuite is now enriched with the SmartXpert module, a patented innovative bundle of state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms to help radiologists in their daily routine. MilvueSuite leverages AI for better care by being fully integrated with radiologists’ work tools allowing easy access and use by all physicians. To further enhance our value in the medical workflow, new innovative modules are in final development and/or clinical validation to provide even faster and more accurate information about medical imaging and its workflow.

Arnaud Lambert, aiScreenings : aiScreenings is dedicated to enabling ai-based diagnosis medical devices in ophthalmology and dermatology. The startup uses machine learning to improve medical diagnosis and learn from every interaction, so the more people use, the better it gets for everyone globally. aiScreenings delivers an integrated platform embedding medical devices enabling doctors, HCP software editors, private and public payors to provide artificial intelligence based medical screening services to their users.

Medica 2021 – French breakthroughs in remote diagnoses, monitoring and surveillance

Fabien Astic, ExactCure : The lecture will explain how ExactCure’s Digital Health solution helps to properly use drugs. Their Digital Twin simulates the concentration of drugs in the blood of a patient based on his/her personal characteristics in order to avoid under-doses, overdoses and drug-drug interactions. Their goal is to become the worldwide reference in personalized medication simulations.

Bonnet Valery, WeMed : Connected medical devices already exists, but at excessive cost and mostly dedicated to professionals (not to Mr. or Miss Smiss). WeMed’s objectives are to move the line in telemedecine with its universal connected medical devices (the first one is stethoscope named SKOP), used with all telemed platform and also with WhatsApp, Zoom, etc. At affordable price…

Spencer Jacobs, FeetMe : Digital Telerehabilitation, the intervention of the future. Due to the aging population and increase of chronic diseases, the need for physical rehabilitation will continue to grow while a lack of resources is already seen today. Thanks to FeetMe’s wearable devices, connected Insoles, providing real time feedback directly from the patients feet, telemonitoring and rehabilitation becomes an easy practice. Thanks to the easy wearable device, the user friendly application and the remote connectivity, FeetMe solutions used during the Covid period, will become a strong alternative in the changes of traditional healthcare towards home based telerehabilitation. : The health sector in recent years has changed, evolved and expanded. This has been particularly amplified with the pandemic, where telemedicine is taking off and contacts between patients and doctors are strictly regulated. More than just an evolution, we’re seeing the emergence of a new health paradigm. Their mission is to actively participate in this transition for a more fluid, efficient and equitable vision of healthcare. Their software solution extends any camera, webcam or smartphone to make it a Medical Device for telemetry and automated diagnoses. A single shot of a few seconds is enough to get pulse, respiratory rate and more.

SGH Healthcaring : SGH Healthcaring offers a comprehensive range, from standard production to tailor-made development and medical subcontracting. In addition to manufacturing at several facilities certified to ISO 13485, including cleanrooms, it offers its customers expertise in quality, R&D, industrial production and marketing. Their aim is to deliver the best possible devices, perfectly tailored to specific needs. From a simple packaging solution to the most complex electro-medical device, a dosing device for liquid or solid medicines, a one-by-one dispensing solution, a dedicated transport solution, a care or drug administration solution or any other plastic device, they use exactly the same methodology.

Medica 2021 – French breakthroughs in health, sports & rehabilitation

Guy Moussi, MAD-UP : The lecture will explain how MAD-UP can help optimising muscle strength in Health, Sports & Rehabilitation. MAD-UP is a French Startup specialized in muscular physiology. With their medical and scientific expertise they develop solutions for the muscular growth of people for who heavy load and intensive exercise are contraindicated. Their fields of application: recovery, sport competition (rehabilitation and performance) and health and wellness.

Pierre Perea, eBIODY : The lecture will explain the Bioimpedance technology in sports. eBIODY is a French company specialised in e-Health and more particularly in advanced techniques of body composition analysis. Created in 2012 and having for activity: the distribution of medical equipment (BtoB) and the provision of services to French and foreign companies in the fields of sales and marketing. In 2017, it became the commercial subsidiary of AMINOGRAM, the French manufacturer and leader of mobile bioimpedance measurement devices with more than 30 years of experience in research and development.

Noraker : NORAKER is dedicated to developing the most innovative biomaterials to preserve the quality of the bony structure. With theirrange of products and projects developments, they aim to contribute to the transition of orthopaedic surgery towards regeneration discipline. They are ready to take on the challenge to become a reference EU biomaterial company with a global reach and to create the niche segment of bioactive intra-osseous implant for true regenerative surgery.”

Kinvent : KINVENT’s mission is to empower sports and rehabilitation professionals with tools enabling rapid and objective assessment, while making training and rehabilitation more efficient and fun. KINVENT’s groundbreaking innovations bring scientific laboratory tools into the clinic providing unparalleled efficiency in progress follow-up. They apply their philosophy in all sectors from sports injuries and physical performance to pediatrics, geriatrics and rheumatology.

Teknimed : TEKNIMED designs, develops and manufactures innovative biomaterials and ancillary mixing/delivery systems. Their long standing experience in the sector enables them to offer a large range of innovative medical devices. TEKNIMED presents on its own a unique combination of skills in the 5 major biomaterials areas : Calcium phosphates, Resorbable Polymers, PMMA Bone cements, Textiles and Instrumentations. TEKNIMED masters sintering, injection, lyophilisation and chemical synthesis processes. The premises include 9 clean rooms, R&D laboratories, quality control laboratory and packaging rooms.

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