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Wandercraft - 2020 Galien Medstartup Award

Wandercraft - 2020 Galien Medstartup Award

12 Jan 2021

Wandercraft is a French deep tech startup developing Atalante, a robotic exoskeleton equipped with an intelligent algorithm able to manage the unforeseeable and allow paraplegic patients to walk again. In 2020, the first exoskeleton was delivered to a French hospital. Since then, 10 hospitals and research centers around the world have bought Atalante.

The same year, they participated to Cybathlon, the Olympic Games of robotics and won the Tech for Good Award and the 2020 Galien Medstartup Award for Best Collaboration in the MedTech or Digital Health sector with the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab which rewards exceptional achievements in science and innovation.

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