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TMM Software, E-health software facilitating patient comfort

23 Oct 2021

E-health software facilitating patient comfort.

The Ardèche-based company TMM Software offers software solutions to improve patient comfort, from the hospital room to the home. A player in the healthcare sector for more than ten years, TMM Software designs and markets digital solutions that contribute to each stage of the patient journey. The first solution, MultiMed, provides patients with access to a wide-ranging service portal (entertainment but also therapeutic information, home automation, etc.). Through this portal, innovative services are offered to patients, taking advantage of the digital tools available in the establishment (ordering meals, daily schedule, access to patient records, etc.).

The second solution, apTeleCare, helps create the patient/hospital link before and after hospitalization. Patients can thus not only complete their pre-admission online, but they can also be monitored remotely by the medical teams after returning home. For the latter, they can choose between two configurations: either being equipped with a sensor that sends information directly to their care providers, or entering their data manually into the application.

“Our software offers the advantage of being adaptable to any type of pathology: diabetes, heart failure, cancer, transplants, etc. We actually adapted it very easily for use in follow-up of people vaccinated against Covid-19, making it possible to monitor the adverse effects for the entire Moroccan population,” says Serge Massot, director of TMM Software, which recorded €5 million in revenues in 2020.

Patients can also use the tool to send photos of their wounds, for instance. “In that case, our algorithm analyses the changes (size, depth, colorimetry) and sends an alert to the medical teams if necessary,” he explains. The solutions developed by TMM software are used by 350 healthcare establishments in France and around the world. As to apTeleCare, it was selected by the Moroccan government in late 2020 to conduct medical follow-up on the country’s Covid-19 vaccination campaign, through an application that Moroccans can download free of charge. Based in Ardèche, with a team of 25 employees, the firm plans to develop in Africa and the Middle East, a market where the roll-out of telemedicine tools remains very limited.

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