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Quipment, the specialist in the supply of equipment for clinical trials

Quipment, the specialist in the supply of equipment for clinical trials

Based in Nancy, Quipment responds to the challenge of shipping equipment around the world.

10 Jun 2021

How can we equip hundreds of clinical investigator sites across all continents?

Whatever the type of clinical trial, Quipment will come up with the best strategy.

The startup provides and manages the supply of scientific equipment to dozens of laboratories around the world.

Because clinical trials are essential for fighting diseases and for medical progress.

Equipment must be standardized, customized, reliable and secure.

With a proven track record in more than 100 countries.

With undeniable flexibility and reliability and special attention to innovation, Quipment is more than a supplier of ancillary equipment and supplies. With their information and technology services, a real-time tracking and control of the clinical trial supply chain is provided.

And investigation sites around the world can be equipped in just a few moments.

They are experts in handling complex clinical trial logistics. The company manages world-class equipment from initial deployment to final return.

Quipment has equipped over 30,000 hospitals across all continents.

A recognition confirmed by the “Entrepreneur Award 2018” in the startup category for the Eastern region received by the co-founders of Quipment.

Rental, sales and inventory management services meet the highest standards.

And Quipment is defining new standards for equipment and supply management for clinical trials.

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