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MyPL - all the patient's clinical data at a glance

The MyPL software provides access to the patients’ structured medical records, thus enabling informed care.

18 Oct 2021

The solution developed by MyPL is a powerful tool used to visualize a patient’s healthcare data. It is particularly appropriate when monitoring cancer patients and simplifies Multidisciplinary Team Meetings (MTM) in which healthcare professionals refine their diagnosis and decide on the most appropriate treatment. “Currently, these MDTs are still very complicated. It is not easy to access data, which leads to stress and problems for the medical teams,” said Christophe Vergne, CEO of MyPL.

Everyone has a view appropriate to their situation and requirements. The patient has a secure application from which they can enter information on their physiological and psychological state. At the same time, the platform promotes co-ordination of care between the various departments, from non-hospital to hospital situations. The health data is of course securely hosted and the parties must provide their consent.

For the MDT, only the relevant data are sent to the dashboard, such as, for example, the latest examination. It is a smart system that learns and that will highlight structured, standardized and clinically validated data, via an original architecture.

The MyPL solution is also appropriate for pharmaceutical laboratories conducting clinical trials in hospitals.

“Our dashboard allows us to improve the working conditions for healthcare professionals and the workflow, and thus provide better patient care.” Christophe Vergne, CEO of MyPL.

The pilot solution is currently being tested at the AP-HP, in a number of oncology departments, on so-called complex patients. This observational study is designed to measure the performance and impact of the MyPL solution on the quality of care in general (organizational and monitoring aspects).

At the same time, 16 hospitals in France, Belgium and the Netherlands are carrying out a five-year clinical trial called Geronte. The idea is to manage elderly patients differently by including all co-morbidity factors (excess weight, diabetes, heart problems, etc.) that are in addition to the main disease, cancer.

This unique cross-functional approach is being introduced to the US and Canadian markets. The French Healthcare Next program will allow MyPL to meet with leading hospitals in the sector, insurance companies and investment funds interested in its solutions, with a view to successfully supporting its development.

 Member of Medicen Paris Region innovation cluster, partner of the Next French Healthcare Program.

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