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Lynks connects the operating theater to the rest of the world

Lynks connects the operating theater to the rest of the world

Careprod Technologies has developed a solution for the remote training of physicians and assistance by a peer via connected video cameras in the operating theater.

20 Sep 2022

The founder of Careprod, Antoine de Boisgelin, trained as a journalist. When he created the company in 2012, his aim was to fill the gap in the production of specialized content that he had noted in the medical world. The company expanded for six years, until it was able to produce virtual medical congresses.

At the end of 2018, thanks to the expertise of its Technical Director Loïc Lalet, Careprod started to fit remotely controllable video cameras into operating theaters. This know-how attracted the interest of the US laboratory Stryker, which specializes in the production of medical devices. The neurovascular division of the US giant then entrusted to Careprod the creation of a made-to-measure solution called SKILL AssistTM. Its aim is to facilitate the remote training of physicians.

On the strength of this success, Careprod created a new subsidiary at the end of 2021, Careprod Technologies, whose activity is dedicated to the integration of innovative video solutions in restricted environments. Lynks is its flagship product and is based on the expertise acquired with SKILL AssistTM to offer many functionalities accessible inside and outside the operating theater, that are optimized for any surgery.

“Lynks is a solution that makes it possible to take control of a mobile video kit deployed in an operating theater. Expert physicians can thus connect remotely via a secure link to transmit their knowledge or exchange with their peers for training or assistance purposes during complex procedures. This device means experts can have at their fingertips all the information needed to deliver the most accurate advice possible. It improves the quality of patient care and offers the opportunity of accessing knowledge from anywhere in the world,” Antoine de Boisgelin, CEO of Careprod.

The presence of a technician on site is not necessary. The kit is easy to deploy in less than 15 minutes. It is totally autonomous via a 5G module. “The physician no longer has any worries. The world’s leading experts can now transmit their knowledge from any location with a latency of less than 250 milliseconds,” said Loïc Lalet, CTO of Careprod. 100 kits have already been deployed in around thirty countries. 300 operations are supported each year, via a dedicated remote team.

Careprod Technologies is supported as part of the Next French Healthcare Program. “This program helps us understand the regulations of each country and simplifies relationships with decision makers. It opens up doors for us,” Antoine de Boisgelin said. “It is an accelerator that allows us to enter into direct contact with identified targets and to understand how much remains to be done to expand into new markets.” Careprod Technologies is in the process of setting up operations in Canada, the USA and India. The unique mobility and autonomy of their product differentiates them in these competitive markets.

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