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Intrasense is launching a Hub dedicated to Artificial Intelligence

To better support radiologists, Intrasense, which specializes in medical imaging software solutions, is partnering with the best and enhancing its Myrian platform with an AI option.

16 Jun 2022

Founded in 2004, Intrasense offers solutions that assist radiologists in interpreting the thousands of images generated by MRIs or scanners, via for example 3D constructions. On its Myrian platform, institutions can subscribe to nearly twenty specialized modules (breast, prostate, pulmonary emphysema MRI,… ) depending on their requirements. From now on an AI option is available within advanced clinical solutions “to save radiologists time and increase their confidence in their diagnosis,” Nicolas Reymond, CEO of Intrasense explained. 

The algorithms of the AI Hub automatically detect anything that looks out of the ordinary in the image – tumors, fractures, etc., but the solution developed by Intrasense is flexible as it is incorporated in the clinical routine of the practitioner’s work environment. It is capable of interacting with the algorithm to confirm the results. The HUB is “invisible and transparent, natively integrated into the platform,” Nicolas Reymond explained. It is one of the tools used on a daily basis by radiologists. Our mission as manufacturers is to provide them with clinical resources and find the best partners ourselves.” It is also configurable in cloud and hybrid mode, for improved performance and security.

“We list partners that currently have the best AI algorithm in their field and we connect them to our Hub. The Hub talks to each clinical application, sends the exam to the right AI at the right time, and then uploads the AI results back to the platform and makes them available to the radiologist,” Nicolas Reymond, CEO of Intrasense.

Milvue was the first technology incorporated into the Hub. Specializing in the development of artificial intelligence algorithms, this French company’s solution automatically detects several families of osteoarticular and pulmonary pathologies on medical imaging modalities. This led to Nurea’s image analysis software. This facilitates diagnosis for patients with vascular diseases. Other partners will be added to the catalog in the coming months. 

Intrasense is currently developing a new product line dedicated to oncology, which will also use the AI Hub.  

1,000 healthcare institutions in 40 countries now use the Myrian platform. Hospitals, clinics, medical and radiology practices, cancer institutes, etc., one third of which are located in France, one third in the rest of Europe and one third in China. 

Note that Intrasense is recruiting, mainly software or clinical engineers. It currently has around sixty employees in France and China and plans to double in size within 18 months.

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