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Member of Medicen Paris Region innovation cluster, partner of the Next French Healthcare Program

Intelligence Anesthesia, a virtual hospital that reduces post-operative complications

Via its digital service that it offers to hospitals, the young French start-up evaluates and prepares patients before surgery.  

13 Oct 2021

Today, one in three patients suffers from complications after major surgery. According to Dr. Yassine Moussali, co-founder and CEO of Intelligence Anesthesia, “improving assessment helps reduce post-operative complications.” The solution works like a virtual hospital – healthcare professionals assisted by symbolic artificial intelligence remotely assess and co-ordinate pre-operative preparation. The patient answers a digital medical questionnaire that allows doctors to detect issues and propose targeted therapies, such as the treatment of pre-operative anaemia or malnutrition, breaking nicotine addiction or preventing post-operative delirium. “The hospital digitalizes its preparation process. High-risk patients are detected and the latest generation preparation protocols are offered to them before the operation,” Yassine Moussali added. 

“The benefits are threefold – reduction of complications for the patient, optimization of the workload for the medical teams and cost reductions for the hospital and the healthcare system (reduction of length of stay, transfusions and re-hospitalizations…).” Yassine Moussali, CEO and co-founder of Intelligence Anesthesia.  

Since the beginning of the year, the Foch Hospital near Paris has been using the start-up’s services, and more than 4,000 patients have been assessed. The decision support system means that personalized therapy has been put in place for more than 10% of patients, generating in the region of €300,000 in potential savings. By 2022, six other French healthcare institutions are expected to adopt this solution. Intelligence Anesthesia’s aim is to create the largest database in peri-operative medicine in order to identify future optimal patient pathways and publish new recommendations.  

The start-up is now expanding into the U.S. market, with the help of the French Healthcare NEXT Program. A subsidiary is currently being opened in New York at Cornell University.

In addition to the virtual workshops offered as part of NEXT, Intelligence Anesthesia has received advice and information on the U.S. healthcare system and regulatory procedures, and has been put in contact with healthcare institutions and health insurance companies in order to present its solution. 

Member of Medicen Paris Region innovation cluster, partner of the Next French Healthcare Program

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