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ImCheck Therapeutics Signs a Record Fundraising Deal Worth €96 Million

ImCheck Therapeutics Signs a Record Fundraising Deal Worth €96 Million!

21 Jul 2022

Diabetes Specialist Diabeloop Raises €70 Million

On June 2, Diabeloop closed a €70 million Series C funding round led by LBO France, joined by Terumo Corporation and Innovacom and supported by its longstanding partners (CERITD, Cemag Invest, Kreaxi, Supernova Invest, AGIR à dom, Crédit Agricole, Odyssée Venture, UI Investissement (Sofimac) and Promontoires), in order to continue to develop its business and expand internationally. Created in 2015, Diabeloop offers AI-based personalized solutions for the treatment and management of diabetes. These solutions combine a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) with an insulin pump and use advanced algorithms developed by Diabeloop to analyze the data in real time and automatically deliver insulin to the patient when needed.

Moon Surgical Secures €29 Million of Funding for Its Surgical Robot

Moon Surgical, which was created in 2019 at the Sofinnova MD Start business incubator in Paris, has developed a robot system named Maestro, to assist surgeons in performing minimally invasive operations such as laparoscopies. The medtech firm is closing this US$31.3 million funding round (worth €29 million) thanks to GT Healthcare Capital & Partners, with the participation of Johnson & Johnson Innovation and Cathay Health along with its existing investor Sofinnova Partners, as well as experienced medtech sector leaders such as Yann Fleureau, Siddarth Satish, Sacha Loiseau and Richard Leparmentier. This funding, which was announced on June 7, is destined to fine-tune the development of its Maestro solution and strengthen its team in France. 

Qubit Pharmaceutical Raises €16.1 Million to Accelerate the Discovery of New Drugs

On June 10, Qubit Pharmaceuticals announced that it has raised €16.1 million of funding in a round led by XAnge, Omnes, Quantonation and Octave Klaba, OVHcloud’s founder. Launched in May 2020, the startup combines biology with quantum chemistry. Its software suite is designed to accelerate the drug candidate discovery process while also reducing the cost of this process. It intends to use this funding to deploy its innovative technology within the pharmaceutical industries.

ImCheck Therapeutics Raises €96 Million for Cancer Therapies

On June 13, Marseilles biotech firm ImCheck Therapeutics finalized the biggest ever funding round by an unlisted therapeutic biotechnology business in France, providing it with the cash it needs to develop candidate drugs for its cancer therapies until 2026. A spinoff of the Institut Paoli-Calmettes (IPC) center in Marseilles, ImCheck was created in 2015. 

It has raised €96 million, €80 million of which consists of Series C funding raised in a round jointly led by the Earlybird and Andera Partners funds. Around a dozen shareholder funds, including Kurma Partners, Pfizer Ventures and Bpifrance, now hold a share in the business along with its founders. This will advance its clinical program to develop the first gamma-delta T cell activating antibody and accelerate the development of its disruptive immunotherapeutic pipeline.

E-Health Startup Axomove Secures €1.6 Million in Its First Funding Round

Created in 2017, Axomove has designed a digital platform providing remote prevention and rehabilitation-related services for healthcare professionals (physiotherapists, rehabilitation centers, etc.) and companies. Its service helps improve patient follow-up and also offers exercises enabling employees to avoid musculoskeletal disorders. 

This €1.6 million funding round, which was announced on June 20, 2022, was led by Spanish fund Faraday Venture Partners along with Santélys, Groupe JLO and Eurasanté. The startup plans to use the cash to strengthen its sales team and increase its investment in assessing the medico-economic situation of patients/employees and providing more therapeutic education content.

Healshape Raises €6 Million for Breast Reconstruction

Healshape’s innovative bioprosthetic breast solution is intended for women who have undergone a partial or total mastectomy. The solution, which is 3D-printed using natural materials, regenerates the patient’s own tissues and is resorbed in the months following the operation, leaving only the original tissue.This €6 million funding round, announced on June 28, was led by Go Capital and Demeter, with the participation of Bpifrance, Crédit Agricole Création, Win Equity, Angels Santé, a family office, Institut de Cancérologie de l’Ouest (ICO) and several private investors. The Lyon-based business, which was created in 2020, intends to use the cash raised to strengthen its team and continue its preclinical and clinical development work.

Sonio Raises €5 Million to Improve Fetal Ultrasounds

Created in 2020, Sonio develops AI-based software to guide practitioners using fetal ultrasounds for prenatal screening and prenatal diagnoses, since in 50% of cases, birth defects currently go undetected during such scans. On June 29, 2022, the startup announced a €5 million funding round led by Elaia, along with OneRagtime and Bpifrance. This funding will accelerate the integration of image recognition into the Sonio platform, allow access to the US market and obtain FDA approval, and also boost sales in Europe. Raises €7 Million for Its Male Health Platform

Created in 2019, the platform developed by is a sort of “digital clinic.” This teleconsultation service enables its male users to discuss four types of problems with a specialist: sexuality, sleep, digestion and hair. 

The €7 million fundraising round announced on June 30, which was led by Kurma Partners and Speedinvest, will enable the business to add more types of problems to its e-health platform and recruit additional employees.

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