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Germitec wins the 2020 Galien medical device Prize

In late December, 2020, Germitec won the prestigious Galien Award for Chronos

29 Mar 2021

In late December 2020, Germitec won the prestigious Galien Award for Chronos®, their High Level Disinfection (HLD) system for ultrasound endocavitary probes. In the opinion of an independent jury composed of experts and specialists, Germitec stood out in the “Medical Device” category. An emblem of scientific rigor, excellence and innovation, the Prix Galien, founded in France in 1970, is awarded annually to distinguish the highest-performing innovations in the health field.

Before Chronos® reached the market, there was no method available for HLD that did not require chemical compounds and that could be used between two successive sonograms. Chronos® is an entirely automated system that reaches HLD in just 90 seconds, thanks to unique and eco-responsible technology.

The device lowers the risk of hospital-acquired infections – which have been estimated to affect 5 to 10% of hospitalized patients a year and to lead to significant morbidity and mortality.

In practical terms, Chronos® performs HLD on sonogram probes with UV-C photons that fracture DNA and destroy all types of micro-organisms. This unique system is the only one that has proven its efficiency against the papillomavirus in both lab conditions and real-world ones. Traceability has also been automated, as disinfections are archived in integrated software. Launched a year ago, Chronos® already enjoys international renown.

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