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French healthtech: a key player in health innovation

More than 100 medical innovations have been deployed by French businesses during the pandemic. A demonstration of agility, reactivity, resilience and collaboration.

10 Jun 2021

750 biotechs, 1,100 medtechs and 200 e-health startups make this ecosystem a solid, dynamic and internationally recognized sector.

It’s growing in maturity and economic value. Over the past five years, the sector has doubled its revenues and increased the number of business creations.

French Healthtech companies accounted for nearly 50,000 direct and indirect jobs in 2020, mostly highly qualified jobs.

At the heart of this revolution: R&D.

Healthtech companies are mostly spin-offs from public research.

More than half of their spending is on R&D and they have filed more than 30,000 patents.

Biotechs represent the majority of companies, followed by medtechs.

E-health and bio-informatic companies are continuing to grow.

As part of the French Recovery Plan, more than €6 billion will be invested in medical infrastructure, and the fourth “National Investment Program” will contribute more than €20 billion to support research and innovation.

Bpifrance also plays a major role in their development through its various financing activities.

Thanks to French healthtech, France is fully playing its role in the technological shift and aims to be the first European nation to innovate in healthcare.

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