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Chronolife is a digital health company committed to developing innovative mobile solutions for remote monitoring services.

Hoppen places its expertise at the service of all health care facilities to accompany them in their Digital Transformation.

Lamidey Noury ​​has become the reference in the field of electro-surgery.

Noraker is specialized in the design, manufacturing and marketing of biomaterial-based implants for bone regeneration and osteosynthesis.

Scaleo Medical proposes e-therapy solutions to support doctors in the prevention of risks and the treatment of cardio-respiratory pathologies.

Sublimed is a start-up healthcare company that develops medical devices for managing chronic pain.

TMM Software, the innovative expert software publisher, is committed to enhancing the experience of the care centre patient

The French Blood Establishment (EFS) is the only civil operator of blood transfusions in France, ensuring the country will be self-sufficient by fulfilling a public health mission. Its mission does not end here.

Thanks to French healthtech, France is fully playing its role in the technological shift and aims to be the first European nation to innovate in healthcare.

Superbranche is a manufacturer of nanotechnological materials for everything from diagnosis to therapy, which allows for the monitoring of cell therapies. Its expertise is strategic for nanomedicine.

A pioneer in innovative green nanotechnology for the treatment of various cancers, Torksal has found a unique technique using gold nanoparticles to kill the cancer cells in a single dose.

Quipment provides equipment and supplies for clinical trials with a proven track record in more than 100 countries, providing undeniable flexibility, reliability and special attention to innovation.

Every day, Transgene pushes back the boundaries of innovation, its expertise in biotechnology is recognized throughout the world. Its vocation: using viruses to fight cancer.

Etap-Lab is the leader in preclinical dermatology (psoriasis, atopic, dermatitis, etc.) and an essential global player for neurological diseases.

CILcare is the world’s only CRO (contract research organization) specializing in hearing disorders. Its stated purpose is to speed up the development of new innovative medical treatments.

As a bridge between academic science and industrial development, 4P-Pharma accelerates innovation. It detects gem projects in order to bring better human health products for patients.

CILcare, Genoskin, GenSight Biologics and Iris Pharma are four French Healthcare innovative companies specializing in dermatology, ophthalmology and otology.

Clevexel Pharma, Genoscience Pharma, Hybrigenics Services and MImAbs are four French Healthcare innovative companies specializing in oncology.

4P-Pharma, Crossject, Drugabilis, ETAP-Lab, HCS Pharma, Novaptech and SinapTec are seven French Healthcare innovative companies in biotechnology.

OptimHal-ProtecSom Laboratory is designing and manufacturing medical devices to optimize the lung deposition of medicine.

Theraclion develops Echotherapy, a non-invasive technique to treat the patients from outside the body. They are the only player to master the application of this technique in non-deep targets.

Thanks to a combination of computer-based and biological approaches, MAbSilico provides AI-driven solutions for the discovery of antibodies in just days, compared with approximately 29 months for a conventional discovery.

The French startup E-Scopics has created a non-invasive imaging method that integrates biomarkers to detect and follow chronic pathologies like NASH (Non-Alcoholic SteatoHepatitis).

TreeFrog Therapeutics has developed a revolutionary method to mass-produce cell therapies based on pluripotent stem cells. It recently won in the US the 2020 Galien Medstartup.

Wandercraft, a deeptech startup, is developing a robot stable and balanced equipped with an intelligent algorithm able to manage the unforeseeable, allowing paraplegic patients to walk again.

French companies bring their expertise and advanced equipment to disinfect and neutralize hospital waste.

Strategies for disinfecting the air in hospitals, healthcare facilities, retirement homes, public places and on public transport have become critical in this invisible war.

French businesses specializing in hospital furniture design are manufacturing innovative insulation rooms to safely diagnose, isolate and treat contaminated patients.

To address the pandemic, the entire French Healthcare is committed to bringing solutions for Covid-19, such as modular premises and mobile units.

French businesses provide innovative solutions and equipment to monitor patients remotely, such as apps connecting medical professionals and patients.

Innovative solutions are developed by French companies to provide high-level sterilization and disinfection devices to health facilities and public places to stop the spread of coronavirus.

The French Healthcare ecosystem has solutions in medical imaging to address the coronavirus pandemic.

As the world is facing a global coronavirus pandemic, the French Healthcare ecosystem is committed to bringing solutions for Covid-19.

In these challenging times to address the pandemic, the entire French Healthcare ecosystem is committed to bringing solutions for Covid-19.

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