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Arab Health 2022

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ARAB HEALTH is the leading medical equipment exhibition in the Near and Middle East showcasing the latest innovations in healthcare. From state-of-the-art imaging equipment to the most cost-effective disposables; developments in surgery to advances in prosthetics, do not miss the latest medical technologies and innovative solutions at the leading healthcare event in the Middle East. 

France is, for instance, the 4th largest supplier of pharmaceutical products to the UAE and has developed substantial economic and commercial activity there. The French delegation of the healthcare sector brings together nearly 50 exhibitors to further herald its medical excellence, they will unveil their latest innovations designed to take up the major challenges in healthcare.

The French medical sector has formed strong bonds with countries in the region. France enjoys an excellent reputation there, not only for its innovation capacity but also the partnerships and commercial relations it sustains with regional players, first and foremost, the United Arab Emirates, France’s leading customer in the Gulf Cooperation Council zone. 

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France: a cutting-edge world-class player in medical industry

The swiftness and scale of the Covid-19 pandemic cast the light on the crucial importance of scientific and medical innovation. It also offered a reminder of the importance of global public health issues in prevention, diagnosis and therapeutic innovation. France is one of the key players in this dynamic and has many key strengths that form the architecture of an efficient and innovative health system. If France is now recognized as having designed one of the most successful and equitable public health models in the OECD, it is because it has long built up a training system premised on excellence for healthcare professionals, hailed worldwide for their expertise. France’s basic research is also internationally renowned for the avant-gardism and importance of its work, while its pharmaceutical industry forms another major pillar of France’s medical excellence, through the role played by its first-rate international players combined with the innovation dynamics of the startup ecosystems and SMEs established across the country.

With more than 1,500 businesses, mostly (93%) SMEs, and €30 billion in annual revenues, including €9 billion from exports – an increase of 10% between 2017 and 2019 – France is the second biggest market in Europe. These firms of all sizes employ nearly 90,000 people working in a large number of fields, such as e-health, surgical robotics, telemedicine, optical technologies, wound healing, medical imaging and many more. The key to the French medtech successes is innovation and R&D. With 3,750 patents per year, France is ranked fifth in the world for the filing of international patents in the medical device sector. (source: SNITEM, 2019)

In the United Arab Emirates, France is the fourth largest supplier of pharmaceutical products and has developed substantial economic and commercial activity, with many subsidiaries already established in the health sector, such as Sanofi, Ipsen, Servier, Air Liquide and Hygienair.


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