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Bone 3D, 3D printing supporting medicine

The start-up designs and prints personalized medical devices and surgical simulators, and bridges the gap between engineering and medicine through 3D printing.

8 Nov 2021

Since 2018, Bone 3D has gained over 250 customers, including hospitals, surgeons, and surgical schools.

With more than 250 customers, the French start-up currently employs 35 people and offers four types of products. 

Surgical simulators, such as the BUCCO-Train: This allows maxillofacial surgery students to practice performing surgery on jaws that resemble human jaws in texture and color.

“Before, students trained on healthy jaws or only one of them practiced on a cadaver while the others watched. The BUCCO-Train is a real step forward in improving the training of caregivers,” explains Aurore Agnès, marketing manager at Bone 3D.

Anatomical models are designed and printed on request for manufacturers or healthcare teams. Through these models, several clinical studies have concluded that each surgery is shortened by an average of 62 minutes, allowing more patients to be treated while reducing the cost of surgery. 

The company also supplies hospitals with medical devices with the CE marking, such as the BB-rhino, designed for children to maintain the nasal septum and wings in place after, in particular, labio-palatine slit surgery. The device, available in 15 sizes, restores the standard anatomical morphology and stabilizes tissues.


The latest development of the start-up, the Hospifactory project, aims to offer 3D printing centers within hospitals, with printers, technicians, and engineers working together to support caregivers. 

The aim is to provide healthcare teams with all the parts they need in less than 48 hours to be able to operate medical equipment correctly and treat their patients effectively. 

The idea was formed during the pandemic, when Bone 3D alleviated the shortage of medical protection equipment by deploying a fleet of 3D printers in AP-HP hospitals (Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris).

On October 13, 2021, Bone 3D announced the signing of an agreement with 3D printing giant Stratasys to install 3D polymer printers in French hospitals. With the demand for medical 3D printing growing fast, Bone 3D is currently setting up offices in Germany and Spain.

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