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Awards made to French healthcare researchers and businesses in March 2022

Awards made to French healthcare researchers and businesses in March 2022

Awards, tributes, winners of calls for projects... Spotlight on French researchers and medtech, biotech and digital health startups that have distinguished themselves through their inventiveness and innovations.   

17 May 2022

Ten award-winning projects and personalities at the MedInTechs exhibition

The first MedInTechs exhibition was held from March 8 to 9, 2022 at the Parc Floral de Paris. Over the course of this exhibition of medical innovation and new technologies, open to both the general public and professionals, the MedInTechs 2022 Trophies were awarded in partnership with Digital Pharma Lab, the Festival de la Communication Santé and Digital Medical Hub. The stated objective is to highlight the HealthTech personalities and startups that marked the health sector in 2021.

The following were honored: 

Fabienne Delaplace, President of UCB France (global biopharmaceutical company listed on the BEL 20 index and specialized in the fields of neurology and immunology), was awarded the trophy for the “Leader” category.

Aurore Deligny, Director of Prévention Santé-Institut Raphael (Maison de l’après cancer, first center of Integrative Medicine in Europe), was awarded the trophy for the “Hope, under 40s” category.

David Gruson was awarded the trophy for the “Parcours” (Journey) category. Director of the Jouve health program and founder of Ethik-IA, David Gruson is also a member of the Executive Committee of the Health Chair at Sciences Po Paris, Doctor in Healthcare Law and holder of a Master’s Degree in Information Technologies and Communication. 

Camille Vincent-Vaisman was awarded the trophy for the “Woman of the Year” category. She is cofounder of AI for Tomorrow, which combines an Innovation Challenge, a Media and a Community dedicated to ensuring that artificial intelligence deals with issues of health, environment and society.

Alain Habra, CEO of, was awarded the trophy for the “Coup de cœur personnalités” (Favorite – personalities) category. Quantiq is an AI solution that transforms any webcam or smartphone into a medical device for telemetry and diagnostics. Heart rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure are calculated in less than a minute.

Abys Medical was awarded the trophy for the “Grand Prix Innovation” category. Abys Medical has the aim of revolutionizing surgical practice with its surgery 4.0 technology, by supporting physicians with software and artificial intelligence tools from the surgical strategy development stage to the operating room. 

Ludocare was awarded the trophy for the “Digital Therapy (DTx)” category. Ludocare provides digital support solutions to increase skills and autonomy in order to improve the quality of life of chronically ill children and their families.

Implicity was awarded the trophy for the “Telemedicine and Remote Monitoring” category. Implicity has developed a remote monitoring platform for patients fitted with connected pacemakers and defibrillators. Intended for cardiologists and healthcare professionals, this solution allows the automation of the remote monitoring of their patients. 

Apnéal was awarded the trophy for the “Data and AI” category. The startup has designed a mobile application based on artificial intelligence to help diagnose sleep apnea.
ArtDesignStory and Diampark were awarded the trophies for the “Coup de cœur start-up” (Favorite – startup) category.  By mixing art and technology, ArtDesignStory creates interactive connected paintings that retranscribe moments of extreme emotion (sporting competitions, etc.). Diampark is developing new digital biomarkers to stratify patients with Parkinson’s disease.

The Fondation de France and its sheltered foundations have awarded prizes to 14 researchers for their innovative works

On March 23, 2022, the Fondation de France and its 130 sheltered foundations announced the projects supported in 2021 by €30 million of funding, granted to 14 fundamental or applied research projects, in cancer research, ophthalmology and psychiatric illnesses.

Infectious diseases and diseases of the immune system: 

Arnaud Fontanet, epidemiologist at the Institut Pasteur, award winner for his works on emerging viruses, including COVID (Senior Award of the Fondation Jean Valade, endowed with €40,000, for works that discover a potential diagnostic, physiopathological or therapeutic application).

Mathilde Guzzo, researcher in microbiology at the Institut de Biologie et de Chimie (Lyon), award winner for her project dedicated to new means of fighting bacterial infections (Award of the Fondation Jacques Monod, endowed with €16,000, awards one or several prizes to young researchers having carried out work relating to the molecular aspects of cell regulation).

– Véronique Carrière, researcher at INSERM, award winner for her project: “Microbiota, intestines and inflammation” (Award of the Fondation Pierre Durand et Marie-Thérèse Chevalier, endowed with €15,000, supporting medical research into intestinal illnesses).

Carole Guillonneau, Research Director at the CNRS, award winner for her project on auto-immune illnesses (Junior Prize of the Fondation Jean Valade, endowed with €20,000, intended for a young researcher below the age of 45). 


Raphaël Margueron, Director of Research at the Institut Curie for his project: “Epigenetic regulation of chromatin in normal and pathological condition” (Young Researcher Award (under the age of 45) of the Fondation de France, endowed with €50,000). 

David Castel, researcher at the Institut de cancérologie Gustave Roussy, award winner for his project on the resistance of pediatric brain tumors (Award of the Fondation Lucie et Olga Fradiss, endowed with €23,000, granted to a French researcher or a fundamental cancer research team, in partnership with the Institut Gustave Roussy).

– Mario Terlizzi, radiotherapist at the Institut Gustave Roussy, award winner for his project on radiotherapy in stereotactic conditions (Award of the Fondation Lucien Mallet, endowed with €7,000, granted to radiotherapists whose work furthers research to relieve or cure malignant tumors).


Olivier Goureau, Inserm Research Director at the Institut de la Vision, award winner for his project on pluripotent stem cells in the service of the modeling and treatment of degenerative diseases of the retina (Eye Prize of the Fondation de France, endowed with €50,000, rewards projects in ophthalmology and vision sciences).


Mart Krupovic, Research Director, award winner for his project on archaeal virology (Award of the Fondation Thérèse Lebrasseur, endowed with €50,000, granted to a researcher from the Institut Pasteur who has never resorted to vivisection).

– Micheline Fromont-Racine and Christophe Beloin, award winners for their projects: “Genetics of Macromolecular Interactions” and “Genetics of Biofilms” (Award of the Fondation Georges Zermati, endowed with €1,000 each, rewarding researchers from the Institut Pasteur, whatever their discipline).

Neurodegenerative diseases:

Sandrine Humbert, Research Director at the Institut des neurosciences de Grenoble, award winner for her project: “Neurodevelopment in Huntington’s Disease” (Senior Researcher Award (over the age of 45) of the Fondation de France, endowed with €100,000). 

Andréa Lazzarotto, Head of Clinic at the Hôpital Saint-Antoine (Paris), for his project: “Consequences of cortical remyelination failure on the progression of multiple sclerosis” (Award of the Fondation Marie-Ange Bouvet Labruyère, endowed with €20,000, supporting work of an innovative character on multiple sclerosis and myelin diseases).– Clément Aveneau, from the APHP, award winner for his biomarker project designed to predict the response to Alzheimer’s disease treatments (Award of the Fondation Philippe Chatrier, endowed with €5,000, rewarding a young researcher for fundamental or clinical research work in the field of Alzheimer’s disease).

€100,000 for CLINIMECA, award winner of the Clinical Innovation call for projects driven by the HCLs and Lyonbiopôle

In July 2021, the Hospices Civils de Lyon (HCL) and Lyonbiopôle Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes launched a new call for projects in connection with their Clinical Innovation program,

to bring hospitals and industry closer together. On March 28, 2022, the award winner was announced. The winner was the Clinimeca project, driven by Professor Luc Thomas (Dermatology Department of the Hôpital Lyon Sud – HCL) and by the company Oncomeca. The aim of this project is to develop a miniaturized device for the early detection of skin cancers, to be used by general practitioners. 

Orixha, Innovation 2022 award winner at Medi’nov

On March 31, 2022, Orixha won over the public and the Medi’Nov panel, the exhibition of the medtech sector, organized by the Lyonbiopôle Health Competitiveness Cluster. 

Its Vent2Cool medical device almost immediately protects the vital organs, notably the brain and the heart, of patients in reanimation following a heart attack. Vent2Cool transforms the lungs into thermal bio-exchangers with the blood compartment, to induce therapeutic hypothermia in just a few minutes. Deeptech aims to be the global leader in liquid ventilation. Orixha will benefit from customized support made available by the Club CIC International and AFNOR (Association Française de NORmalisation) and visibility in the magazine DeviceMed.

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