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Arab Health 2023, 90 French businesses gathered together for a record exhibition!

The 2023 edition of the medtech world's flagship Show, from January 30 to February 2, achieved pre-Covid attendance figures, to the great satisfaction of the French exhibitors supported by Business France. 

23 Feb 2023

“One of the best editions of the show, in so far as concerns the number of visitors!” The enthusiasm of Carine Robitaillie, Project Co-ordinator at Business France, would appear to be borne out by the figures, which at the moment are still unofficial. The organizers of Arab Health were expecting over 3,000 exhibitors, but the rumor soon spread that this year had seen a record number of 4,000 exhibitors.

For the record, there were 2,828 exhibitors at the 2022 show, i.e. 70 countries and 32 national pavilions, with slightly more than 80,000 visitors. This year, the expectation was for 100,000 visitors.

The French delegation, led by Business France, gathered 90 exhibitors, installed in the France pavilions spread over 3 halls. One was dedicated to orthopedics and rehabilitation, the second to imaging and the third to medical devices. These figures do not include the other independent French exhibitors, installed outside the France Pavilion.

“Visitors to the Arab Health Show who decide to explore the France Pavilion do so above all because of the excellent reputation of France, which is known for the quality of its services, products, expertise and innovation,” Carine Robitaillie, Project Co-ordinator at Business France.

Visitors to the France Pavilion particularly appreciated the innovations of Médipréma and Axelife. The first has designed a 360° intensive phototherapy cradle. Irradiance is maximized and applied uniformly and simultaneously across the infant’s entire body surface. This cradle has revolutionized the treatment of neonatal jaundice, significantly reducing the duration of treatment and limiting blood exchange. As for Axelife, its flagship product is “pOpmètre®”, a device that diagnoses arterial rigidity, arteriosclerosis and accelerated arterial aging. Popmètre® measures Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) and is used to determine the patient’s arterial age.

We should also mention the following companies and innovations present at Arab Health:

NUTRAGROUP is a “One Stop Shop” in the food supplements sector, that operates and responds to clients in more than 50 countries worldwide.

HOSTEUR is an independent data hosting company, certified for healthcare data that offers top-of-the-range solutions in Outsourcing, Cloud, Security, Messaging and Back-up (Storage, Legal Archiving, Veeam Cloud Connect).

Nutribio is a cooperative of the Sodiaal group that specializes in child and adult dietary nutrition, with a range of specific nutritional products to nurture life at all stages, from babies and seniors to pregnant women and athletes.

NatéoSanté, specialist in professional air purifiers, designs air filtration systems that remove pollution and improve the quality of indoor air.

HOPPEN supports healthcare establishments in their digital transformation, with a range of simple solutions to better care for patients.

Rebalance Tech has developed a solution to promote mental wellness and neurorelaxation: Rebalance Impulse®. This stimulation and cognitive training device based on applied neuroscience is mainly devoted to fighting chronic stress, improving sleep quality, and enhancing vitality.

Air Liquide Medical Systems offers innovative medical devices for patients treated in hospital or at home (respirators and ventilation masks, devices for the distribution and administration of medical gases, aerosol therapy).

ATA MEDICAL markets hygienic air handling units to sterilize operating rooms and high-risk medical environments. The air is decontaminated by the machine and returned clean to the room.

France, which is the leader in the fight against cancer, has one of the best recovery rates in the world, over 130 ongoing research projects and 13 Nobel Prizes in Medicine. Its expertise is based on national research centers, competitiveness hubs and universities, which place it at the forefront of global healthcare research. France is ranked 5th in the world for the number of patents filed.

The French industrial fabric includes 1,440 MedTech businesses, and employs 88,000 people. The industry generated revenue of €30.7 billion in 2021, of which €10 billion came from exports (+4% compared with 2020).

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