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2020 Galien Medstartup Award – E-Scopics

2020 Galien Medstartup Award – E-Scopics

9 Jan 2021

There are 450 million type 2 diabetics worldwide​. Of these 450 million, 50% suffer from fatty liver disease. And this is just an example of a chronic disease. 80% of adults aged 65+ have at least 1 chronic condition. To cure these patients, doctors must be able to easily perform an ultrasound, the only real-time, non-invasive technology that can be used besides radiology.

This is exactly what the French startup E-Scopics has created: a non-invasive imaging method that integrates biomarkers to detect and follow chronic pathologies like NASH (Non-Alcoholic SteatoHepatitis)… But the main revolution is that this ultrasound technology​ is ultraportable, connected to, and controlled by a specific app. Created in 2018 by Claude Cohen-Bacrie and François Maurice, the company now has 16 employees.

They are working on the second E-Scopics’ application: a lung imaging app. It is this specific pulmonary imaging app that allowed E-Scopics to win the 2020 Galien Medstartup Award for best collaboration dedicated to the developing or underserviced populations worldwide in partnership with the North Carolina State University. In the future, each chronic pathology may therefore have its own app. At least that’s E-Scopics’ ambition!

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